CBD enables a more balanced body and mind.

The team behind LIFE™ fully believes in the therapeutic and holistic health benefits CBD can bring to its users, especially important in this hectic and stressful society. We have been dedicated to developing products and channels so that both businesses and health conscious individuals can access and benefit from this natural hemp-derived ingredient with complete peace of mind.


One passionate group of people with

One Shared Belief

We believe in the significant positive change which CBD can bring to the population of Hong Kong.

This is especially important at a time when the average Well-Being Index (WHO) score of HK people is 46, well below the passing score of 52, the worst level in eight years.


Two core product formats that are

Easy-To-Use & Effective

We choose to enable both our business partners and our individual customers to easily integrate effective products which meet their needs.


Three fundamental principles in all we do

Transparency, Legality and Professionalism

We understand that CBD is a new category for everyone in Hong Kong and that it will take time to become fully accepted.

We operate as transparently as we possibly can and give full visibility on the legal status of our products to our partners, while operating professionally to best practice within our business.

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