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CBD is a new frontier for wellness. It’s also becoming better understood everyday. Read below for commonly asked questions on CBD or to learn more about how and why you might integrate it into your routine – and for which outcomes.


What support would LIFE™ provide to my business?2020-03-24T01:51:40+08:00

We support our business partners in the following ways to ensure you and your team are fully equipped to embark on the CBD journey:

  • Staff education on the CBD category in general as well as our product suite and its benefits
  • Activation and promotion ideas tailored to your specific business needs
  • CBD implementation inspiration e.g. recipes, cocktails, etc.
  • Exclusive CBD product co-creation projects specific to your product category
  • And much more

Please contact us for details how we work with you.

Will LIFE™ CBD products pass my employer’s drug test?2020-06-25T07:48:28+08:00

Our products, containing pure cannabidiol (CBD) with HLPC non-detectable traces of other cannabinoids, is now permitted for use in sports (according to the World Anti-Doping Agency). What remains prohibited are other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN and CBG. Our Certificates of Analysis are available upon request to verified customers and can help give you peace of mind that only CBD is present in our products.

However, while we understand that CBD does not present a problem for any serious employer-related drug tests, we can’t offer formal opinions on specific employers and their chosen drug-testing regime or list of prohibited substances. We recommend you seek clarification from your employer regarding their view on the use of CBD within their workforce.

Can a professional athlete take LIFE™ CBD?2020-06-25T07:49:28+08:00

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its prohibited substances list, which means that professional athletes can now take it without worrying about the legal implications.

CBD appears to be very effective in post-training and post-game recovery by reducing pain – including musculoskeletal pain and inflammation – and improving sleep. It is a natural and non-addictive potential alternative to pain relief and recovery.

Why should I care about CBD?2020-06-25T07:51:10+08:00

CBD is a new frontier of wellness. It is plant-based, completely natural and highly effective in delivering its health benefits. There is mounting scientific research which shows that CBD can be effective in reducing anxiety, stress, chronic pain, improving sleep and inflammatory conditions such as acne, combating childhood epilepsy and soothing post-chemotherapy sickness symptoms. For anyone living in a high-stress society, CBD is a holistic and natural potential aid in rebalancing the body and mind.

For business, CBD is proven to be a major RSP (recommended selling price) booster. Comparing CBD vs non-CBD consumer products in North America (where CBD is widely popular in café, bar, restaurant and consumer products), incremental increase in RSP of between 2.5x and 6.68x can be achieved. This brings significant potential gross profit margin growth for business operators.

Contact us to discuss how LIFE™ can make your product work harder for your business.

Is CBD legal in Hong Kong?2020-03-24T02:02:54+08:00

According to current laws in Hong Kong, pure CBD (containing no THC or other select cannabinoids) is legal to be distributed, sold and consumed as a food product.

When you purchase CBD products, it is important to pay attention to the exact composition of the product. Only Isolate CBD, or certain types of Broad Spectrum CBD, are legal in Hong Kong. Full Spectrum CBD is illegal under current Hong Kong law, as it contains THC and other disallowed cannabinoids.

Each batch of LIFE ™ CBD product is accompanied by an independent Certificate of Analysis which shows only CBD present in its composition.

In order to offer peace of mind to our business customers and individual users, our team has also gone to great lengths to obtain a comprehensive Legal Opinion from the Hong Kong office of a global law firm to confirm the legality of our products. A copy of this legal opinion can be shared with specific business customers upon formal engagement.

If you want to travel or export your product containing LIFE™ CBD overseas, please check with the local authorities in the destination market to ensure compliance with local laws.

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